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We Help You Enhance Your Beauty and Gain Confidence with PDO Threads

With aging, our skin stops looking as radiant as it used to, and on many occasions that make us lose confidence in ourselves. These signs of aging are more noticeable with expression lines and we think that surgery can be the only solution… but it is not!

At Cryo Body Perfections in McAllen, Texas; we have PDO Threads, which is a treatment that will stretch your skin with threads, it is not painful and it doesn’t require surgery – and is not harmful to health!

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Minimal Recovery Time

We have an incredible group of specialists in PDO Threads. This treatment will erase facial wrinkles with minimal effort. You will look younger and radiant. It's not an aggressive method and it's not painful at all.

The 100% results can be seen in a period of 2 to 3 weeks, especially, in eye thread lift in which not only your skin will be back to where it was before, but it will start to look brighter and healthier.

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Fast Results and Rejuvenation

With PDO Threads, you can look 10 years younger in just a matter of minutes. The 100% recovery is fast. In a couple of weeks, you can see the final results, and the PDO threads can last up to 3 years without any retouching or side effects, after that time, if you wish you can do it again and continue to look stunningly young.

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Minimally Invasive Procedure

With POD Thread, you will not have an invasive surgery nor painful recovery time. This treatment is done with localized anesthesia and it doesn't require you to stay in a hospital. In fact, the procedure takes about 45 minutes and there’s no need to rest at home or stop working. You will continue with your normal life.

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Fast Procedure and Outstanding Results

This is one of the fastest and safest treatments you can get to look younger. You can see the results you are looking for almost immediately. The time it takes to recover is extremely fast... and at Cryo Body Perfections, We make sure that the results are exactly what you are looking for.

At Cryo Body Perfections, we are specialists in PDO Threads and eye thread lift. That's why we will make sure that the results are exactly what you are looking for.

In just a few minutes of treatments, you can get the smoothest, brightest, and most toned skin you can dream about... And best of all, the results stay with you for a long period of time!

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